WeldFEM enables a reliable assessment of weld seams according to various standards and guidelines with little effort. The focus of WeldFEM is particularly a simple and fast handling, so that the engineer not only gets used to the general work flow quickly but also generates results in a short time. The high degree of automation relieves the engineer of time-consuming and error-prone work.

By use of WeldFEM the cumbersome standard and guideline compliant assessment of weld seams turns into an uncomplicated and cost effective process:

  1. FE-models are automatically examined for locations of welds without the need of special preparation.
    WeldFEM focuses on FE-models comprising primarily plate/shell elements as welds are predominantly used for thin-walled structures.
  2. Based on the FE-stress results assessment utilisation factors are calculated according to standards and guidelines.

WeldFEM currently provides weld seam assessments according to the following standards and guidelines:

  • DVS 1612
  • DVS 1608
  • DIN EN 13001-3-1
  • Eurocode 3

At present WeldFEM is an add-on for the finite element analysis software Simcenter Femap, trademark of Siemens Industry Software Inc..

Thanks to the well-established communication between WeldFEM and Simcenter Femap all results regarding weld detection and utilisation factor calculation can be displayed and examined simultaneously in Simcenter Femap.

More assessment standards and guidelines as well as interfaces to other FEM Software systems may follow on demand.

"Standards and guidelines" is referred to as "standards" and "Simcenter Femap" is referred to as "Femap" in the remainder of this document.