The GUI for the Weld-Detection is divided into: Evaluation Range, Plate Detection Mode, Start-ID, Detailed Evaluation and Modelcheck Only

Note:        The GUI for the Weld-Detection as shown above does only look like in the image, in case Detailed Evaluation is checked. Per default it's unchecked.

Evaluation Range

Four different ways for choosing elements to be taken into account for the assessment are offered: At Weld Only; From Weld To Evaluation Range; From Weld To Evaluation Range (+1); At Evaluation Range

The pictogram to the left explains how the choices affect the element selection.

At the bottom line the weld root is located. The red line depicts the location of the evaluation range which is dependent of the parameters plate thicknesses and weld cross section in the way the standard of concern requires. Detailed information is provided in Calculation Of The Evaluation Range. Yellow elements are those selected by the choice made and are taken into account for the assessment.

Plate Detection Mode

In case From Weld To Evaluation Range or From Weld To Evaluation Range (+1) is chosen in Evaluation Range, three different methods by which an element is comprised in the selection are available:

All Nodes Inside: Every node of an element has to be located between the weld root and the evaluation range line.

At Least One Node Inside: At least one node of an element has to be located between the weld root and the evaluation range line.

Center of Gravity Inside: The center of gravity of an element has to be located between the weld root and the evaluation range line.

Modelcheck Only

If this option is checked, WeldFEM will only run a check of the FE-model for compliance with WeldFEM's weld detection. Any improper rigid or node connection will be detected, grouped and handed over to Femap. So these improper connections in the FE-model can easily be located and the modelling adjusted according to WeldFEM Compliant Meshing.

Note:        In mode Modelcheck Only WeldFEM will not detect welds. It will only gather information about the FE-model and summarise the result.

Detailed Evaluation

If this option is not checked - which is the default - WeldFEM will perform all assessment calculations based on the element selection by From Weld To Evaluation Range and At Least One Node Inside as described above.

Furthermore WeldFEM will gather and display the utilisation factor results only in elements directly connected to the weld root for easy and clear allocation.


This section offers to adjust the Start-ID for all new items to be created by WeldFEM.

Note:        As WeldFEM uses spring elements, according properties as well as groups and curves for the depiction of welds and evaluation ranges in Femap, a range of ID's above all model ID's has to be made available for WeldFEM.

       This is performed by use of the Start-ID. All model entities of the current model carelessly existing above WeldFEM's Start-ID will be overridden.