WeldFEM's main GUI, as shown below, is divided into three sections: Primary Toolbar, Message Window and the Secondary Toolbar.

Primary Toolbar

Explanation of icons from left to right:

Load WeldFEM Project

loads a previously saved WeldFEM-Project-File (.wfp-File).

Save WeldFEM Project

saves the current weld assessment status as a WeldFEM-Project-File (.wfp-File).


provides access to the following tabs from left to right:

Calculation: Specifies the program settings for the weld assessment according to the standard to be applied.

Weld-Detection: Defines the weld detection procedure for the FE-model currently loaded in Femap.
License Info: Displays a table of licensed standards.

Note:        WeldFEM remembers these settings used for a project, as long as the corresponding WeldFEM‑folder is kept.

Weld Editor

provides access to assessment dependant parameters for all detected welds, highlight them and plot results, once they have been calculated.

Furthermore the status of each weld is displayed.

Note:        Weld-Options can be accessed after a weld detection has been conducted.

Weld Manager

The Weld Manager enables to split detected welds, thus create a new weld, as well as to reassign welds to others, thus gather similar welds into one.

Note:        Weld Manager can only be accessed after a weld detection has been conducted.

Show Online Help

opens up this WeldFEM manual in the most recent issue.

Check for Updates

verifies whether an updated version of WeldFEM version is available. In this case a download is offered.

The Main GUI footer also informs about available updates.

Message Window

The message window summarizes and displays information about the progress of weld detection and the evaluation of stress data.

Secondary Toolbar


Discards the current weld detection and assessment status.

Note:        The selected settings in Options are not affected by the reset.


cancels any running calculation or weld detection.

Detect Welds

performs a check and the detection of welds in the currently loaded Femap model.

Process StressData (Recalculate StressData)

When Process StressData is initiated for the first time it calls Femap for the hand over of stress data and runs the weld assessment according to the selected assessment standard.

After the stress data have been made available by Femap the button turns into Recalculate StressData and performs repeated assessment runs without loading the stress data again.

Note:        After the first assessment for all welds WeldFEM effectively calculates utilisation factors only for those welds which assessment parameters have been changed.

Recalculate All

In case Recalculate All is checked WeldFEM will recalculate the utilisation factors of every weld, once the next recalculation is initiated.

Renew StressData

checking Renew StressData will invoke a refresh hand over of all stress data by Femap, once the next recalculation is initiated.