The GUI for DVS 1612 assessments is divided into: Assessment, Assessment Standard, Safety Factors, Material Selection and Femap Length Unit.


In this section the Assessment type is selected out of: Static only, Fatigue only and Static and Fatigue.

Assessment Standard

In this section the Assessment Standard is selected out of: DVS 1612, DVS 1608 and DIN EN 13001-3-1

Safety Factors

In this section the Safety Factors for the Assessment are selected.

Note:        Allowed values are 1,0 to 5,0. If any value below or above is entered, WeldFEM will revise it to its closest boundary value.

Material Selection

In this section the parent material of joint plates is selected in general for the whole model.
The drop-down menu offers different steel based alloys. Additionally, a user defined material with a user defined title and its strength values may be applied.

Note:        Differing materials for any weld joint can be defined in Weld Editor.

Femap Length Unit

In this section the length unit used in the FE-model is selected.
The drop-down menu offers different length units. The following length units are currently supported: Millimeter [mm]; Meter [m]