The GUI for the Weld Editor varies depending on the assessment standard that has been applied.

Hence, separate chapters for each variation of the Weld Editor GUIs is provided in the following subchapters.

Common for all standards is a status icon in front of each weld description.

This icon displays the weld edit state as wells as the weld assessment state.

The weld edit state is shown as follows:

Weld parameters are set to conservative default values by WeldFEM according to joint type and assessment standard.

Weld parameters have been changed by the user.

Weld parameters are consistent with the drawing for manufacturing.

The weld assessment state is shown by icon background colours:

No assessment results are available, either because they have not been calculated so far or because the welds parameters have been changed.

Represents assessment results that have passed the assessment conditions successfully.

Indicates an overloaded status.

The status icon background is divided into two halves:

The top-half depicts the static assessment state whereas the bottom-half depicts the fatigue assessment state.


An icon  represents a weld which has been edited and then passed successfully the static assessment, but failed the fatigue assessment.